The Danube bicycle track

The Danube
The river that units Europe


Discover the shores of the Danube in Serbia.

Danube Regional Development Project


One of the most popular cycle routes in Europe, The Danube Cycle Route, which used to run only through Germany, Austria and Hungary, now continues up to the Black Sea. The whole Danube Cycle Route is now a part of the EuroVelo Route 6, on which you can cycle from Atlantic to the Black Sea. (Info:

Route: Sombor - Nature Park "Gornje Podunavlje" (Upper Danube) - Apatin

Length: ca. 25 km
Surface: Asphalt, partly non-asphalt paths

Route points Characteristics Distance
Start: Sombor Tourist Information in the centre Historical construction material, walking-zone, cafes, restaurants, the Inter Nation Hotel and three pensions 0 km
City Museum Built in 1883, Archeology, Ethnology, History and Arts Compartments 0.5 km
  Cycle route goes through green avenues on the way to the town of Apatin 1.8 km
Bridge over the Canal In front of the canal is the asphalted way to the Andric Fish Restaurant (ca. 1 km), and after the canal, the Beli Dvor Pension 0.2 km
Bridge over the Danube-Tisza-Danube Canal (through Kupušina) The path goes through the woods to the romantic Štuka Charda (ca. 2.1 km ) 8.0 km
Upper Danube Nature Reserve with Danube branches and swamps Start of the asphalted land street, many fish restaurants (Charda), such as Brunaj, Kupusina with simple overnight accommodation possibilities, boat renting, beach volley.
CAMPSITE BUDŽAK - 18 places for motorhomes and tents (Camping Apatin)
0.1 km
Access to the Vagoni Holiday Houses 300 m away from the Danube, fishing, beaches 6.4 km
Haraš Fish Restaurant, with overnight accommodation possibilities Walking path through the oak woods to the sandy beach (ca. 300 m) 2.2 km
City Beach Volleyball, basketball, jet ski renting, the Plava ruža (Blue Rose) restaurant is recommended 2.9 km
Apatin City Centre Pedestrian street, cafes, restaurants, famous brewery, the Pagos 3 km
Danube Promenade Zlatna Kruna Pension, with a wonderfull view of the Danube, not very far is also the Duda Villa ca. 1 km

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