The Danube bicycle track

The Danube
The river that units Europe


Discover the shores of the Danube in Serbia.

Danube Regional Development Project

Apatin, Vojvodina - Serbia

Apatin, Vojvodina - Serbia

Serbian Vojvodina, Danube and Romanian Banat

Beautiful Danube near Apatin, Vojvodina

Discover the undescovered

Spend some days in unspoilt nature of the Pannonian Plain by the Danube, among friendly people who are still able to take time...

Visit us if you would like to be woken up by birds singing and be rocked to sleep by the sound of frogs, cycle or run along cycle paths by the Danube and through forests, orchards, never-ending fields of sunflowers and waving golden wheat...
Discover the undiscovered
and rest in unspoilt
nature by the Danube!
Bring a fishing rod, the Danube and its branches are full of fish. In hot summer days the river will refresh you, sandy beaches are waiting for you, some of them with facilities, others are secluded, only for you. You can bring a boat and enjoy the so-called old Danube, admire deer having a bath and feel as if you were the only person in the world. After a day, full of experience, or lazy if you prefer, you can enjoy delicious food in chardas and listen to romantic gypsy music.

A visit to the market in Apatin is a must, you will be able to buy juicy and delicious fruit and vegetables, grown in the Vojvodina soil and under the Vojvodina sun which give them a special taste and aroma we hardly know today.

Budžak is located right next to the entrance to Gornje Podunavlje Nature Reserve, often visited by President Tito in the past. Today his hunting villas are a popular retreat for celebrities such Ralf Schumacher.

There will be some surprises in Budžak as well.
We can also organise trip to the surrounding, regardless of the number of people.

Budžak is an ideal location for long-distance cyclists, travelling along the Danube Cycle Route, running through Germany, Austria, Hungary and all the way to the Black Sea.

If you like nature, cycling, fishing, boating, tranquillity...

Map of Vojvodina